A stylized rendition of badlands formations with red radio tower and text BADL 193.9


Tales from the Badlands


Join us for a mini-series collecting together different stories and tales from the Badlands.


Remembering Asanpi Bleza


Asanpi Bleza (Thin Milk) was a Brule Lakota occupying the strong hold during the Wounded Knee Massacre. Looking for food Asanpi Bleza and others went to raid the Daly Ranch north of the Cheyenne River. There was a gunfight at the ranch during the raid. Asanpi Bleza was shot by ranch hands during that fight. He died on the way back to the stronghold below Blindman’s Table in cedar creek in late 1890 or early 1891. Part of his remains were discovered by local rancher John Swallow in 1948. Now there is a memorial ride for Asanpi Bleza every year in Red Shirt as residents who live there believe no one should be forgotten.

Learn why there is a ride dedicated to Asanpi Bleza, thin milk, and about a fight in the badlands.

How Johnny Kicked a Bomb Got His Name


One winter day a young boy named Johnny was hiking in the Badlands. He was hiking near his hometown of Red Shirt when he came across an unexploded bomb. There was many bombs still located in the Badlands from it’s days as a bombing range. Johnny’s Parents always told them to be careful around these bombs and to get far away as possible if he found one, but today Johnny’s parents weren’t with him. He picked up the bomb and decided to throw in the air off a hill. The bomb hit the ground and EXPLODED. The Heat from the blast burned johnny’s eyebrows off and dove face first into the snow to cool his face. Ashamed and fearing the anger from his parents Johnny told them it was an accident. He told them that he was hiking alone and accidentally tripped over what he thought was a rock, only when the rock rolled down the hill and exploded he realized it was a bomb. His parents were just happy he was okay but from that day on, he was known by all his friends at school as Johnny Kicked-a-Bomb.

Coming from the town of Red Shirt, learn how Johnny Kicked a Bomb got his name from a misadventure in the badlands.