Annular Solar Eclipse viewing

Cedar Breaks National Monument



Dates & Times


Saturday, October 14, 2023


9:00 AM


3 hours

Type of Event



On Saturday, October 14, mid-morning, southern Utah will be graced with a rare ANNULAR SOLAR ECLIPSE. It is similar to the much renowned total solar eclipses in which the moon will pass completely in front of the sun over part of the State. But this one is different! The moon will be far enough away in it’s orbit that on the eclipse path the sun’s edge will form a ring around the moon for a few minutes. Daylight will prevail during the event, but it will be similar to a sudden transition to late afternoon just before sunset.

WARNING: Do not look directly at the sun even then without eye protection. Eclipse glasses are available for purchase at the Information Center bookstore at Cedar Breaks National Monument.

The best local National Park viewing areas to see the complete ring of sun include Great Basin National Park (Nevada), Bryce Canyon National Park, and Natural Bridges National Monument. But if you choose to come to Cedar Breaks, we will be ready to share the event with you at North View Overlook with the solar scope. Even here, the ring will encircle about 90% of the sun! Wherever you are, enjoy the event!

Time: 9:08 Eclipse Begins

10:27 – 10:29 Maximum Eclipse

11:59 Eclipse Ends

Reservation or Registration: No