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On To Chattanooga: A Campaign of Contrasts

Stones River National Battlefield



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Saturday, June 15, 2019


10:00 AM


5 hours and 45 minutes

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Living History


As spring turned to summer in 1863, the armies that had ravaged each other at the Battle of Stones River prepared to once again struggle for control of Tennessee. The past six months had seen remarkable changes in the Union Army of the Cumberland while conditions in the Confederate Army of Tennessee saw little improvement.

The Federals built and stocked a massive supply base at Fortress Rosecrans. Specialized units like the Signal Service provided Gen. William S. Rosecrans with valuable intelligence and a communications network far superior to that of his enemy.

New weapons widened the technology gap between the Federals and the Confederates. Some of these weapons paved the way for unit's such as Col. John Wilder's Brigade of mounted infantry to combine speed and firepower with devastating effect.

From June 23 - July 3, 1863, The Union turned the full force of its improvements upon Confederate Gen. Braxton Bragg's Army of Tennessee. In the space ten days the balance of power shifted in the Confederate heartland, and the key town of Chattanooga seemed poised to fall into Union hands.

Join rangers and volunteers for a series of programs commemorating the 157th anniversary of one of the most crucial campaigns of the Civil War.


10 AM - Lines of Communication - Learn how the Union army used flags, torches and telegraphs to develop a sophisticated system to gather and communicate information that proved critical to the success for the coming campaigns to take Chattanooga.

10:45 AM - From Thunder to Lightning - Discover how a new weapon combined with some creative thinking to create a mobile, but powerful fighting force. Programs will include musket and Spencer Rifle firing demonstrations.

11:30 AM - Contrasting Cannons - Watch an artillery demonstration then compare and contrast the cannons used by the opposing forces.

1 PM - Lines of Communication

1:45 PM - From Thunder to Lightning

2:30 PM - Contrasting Cannons

3:15 PM - Hoover's Gap - Watch cannon and rifle demonstrations while a ranger weaves the story of one of the most important battles of the Tullahoma Campaign.

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