Candlelight Tour

Fort Larned National Historic Site



Dates & Times


Saturday, October 8, 2022


7:30 PM


3 hours and 30 minutes

Type of Event

Living History


**Masks are not required for the Candlelight Tour this year**

The Candlelight Tour is held after dark, with only lanterns and candles to light the buildings. It's a chance to see the fort as it would been in the 1800s beefore electricity. Every year scenes are played out in each of the historic buildings based on events from the fort's past.

This year’s tour theme is all about dealing with bad food. A shipment of flour delivered to Fort Larned turned out to be bad, prompting the commissary officer to have enlisted men sift through it to find out just how much was bad. What difference did that make you might wonder? Well, the commissary officer could have been financially responsible for the bad flour and needed to know just how much of it there was.

The tour vignettes highlight the important role food shipments played in the life of a frontier fort, and how a shipment of bad food could affect the whole fort’s operation.


Reservation or Registration: Yes

Although the tours are free, there are a limited number of spots and reservations are required. Reservations open at 8:30 am on Monday, September 26, 2022. You can either make your reservations in person or by calling 620-285-6911. We do not take reservations online. Please do not leave a voice mail for a reservation. The person taking reservation cannot check voicemail during the reservation process.

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