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Valley Forge National Historical Park



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Every week on Saturday


October 05, 2019 to November 02, 2019


7:00 PM


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Campfire/Evening Program


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Join a National Park Ranger for an interactive evening by the campfire as we discuss unique stories of Valley Forge and your National Parks.  Bring a blanket, flashlight, a jacket and pocket-full of questions for a fireside conversation at Conway's Brigade, located between Gulph Road and PA Route 23/Valley Forge Road.

Park at the Varnum's Quarters Lot or the Varnum's Picnic Area Lot - and then walk down the historic trace road (see map) to Conway's Brigade.  The program will be canceled in the event of rain, call 610-783-1099 to check on the status of the program.

All programs begin at 7:00 PM and run for 45 - 60 minutes, including group discussion. 

Program Schedule

October 5 – Crime and Punishment in the Continental Army

What does running the gauntlet, the piquet, and the cat-o-nine tails have to do with the Valley Forge Encampment? Each of these will be an important tool that General Washington will have to use, to hold the Continental Army together.

October 12 – For the Soul of the Army: Patriot Chaplains of the American Revolution 

When listing well-known leaders of the Revolution we rarely hear about Israel Evans, Samuel Kirkland, John Gano or Andrew Hunter. These are just a few of General Washington's Chaplains. Join us to hear stirring stories of these unsung heroes of the war.

October 19 - War in the Winter: Military Operations During the Valley Forge Encampment

Contrary to common myth, combat operations did not stop when the Continental Army encamped at Valley Forge.  While neither the British nor the Americans engaged in large-scale battles, the two armies vied for the resources of the Philadelphia countryside.  Skirmishes were common, and some of them were quite vicious. 

October 26 – The Tiger, Deer, and Fly: An Alternate History of Valley Forge
We know Washington and his troops called Valley Forge home for 6 months, but other people and many other plants and animals have also called this place home long before and long after the army left.  By using a few touchstone species, we will take a closer look at the natural history of Valley Forge and how man has impacted it throughout the years.

November 2 – The Legacy of Baron von Steuben, the Order and Discipline of the United States Army

Major General Friedrich von Steuben's actions at Valley Forge were directly responsible for the future discipline, professionalism, and well-being of the Continental Army. Even today, the spirit of his lessons influence the ideals of the United States Army.

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