Yuma Crossing National Heritage Area

A tree-lined river, bridge in the distance, and the backdrop of a pastel evening sky.
A view of Yuma Crossing.


Quick Facts

The Colorado River crossing at Yuma, Arizona, has a rich history, accented in recent years by irrigation works that have transformed the region into an agricultural oasis. But in the process, riparian areas suffered and the riverfront became blighted. Today, Yuma Crossing National Heritage Area is working to restore the region’s wetlands and reconnect the city to its historic downtown. 

The Yuma Crossing National Heritage Area boasts two state historic parks, one National Historic Landmark—Yuma Crossing and Associated Sites—two new riverfront parks connected by a multi-use path, 400 acres of restored wetlands, and an interpretive plaza that tells the many stories of the Yuma Crossing.

This Heritage Area includes the following sites: