West Entrance Station

A line of cars, a small tan building with large windows, and a flag pole flying an American flag.
The West Entrance Fee Station

NPS / Brad Sutton

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Joshua Tree National Park

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The West Entrance Station is a small fee booth along Park Boulevard. Visitors can pay their entrance fees or buy a park pass here as they go into the park. Park rangers may also collect fees or check passes here as visitors drive or bike out of the park.

If there is no ranger present or the fee booth is closed, visitors can continue to drive into the park without showing their pass or paying the entrance fee unless a special circumstance closes the park roads, like a weather closure.

There is a small parking lot, bathrooms, and a waterbottle filling station just past the entrance station.

Due to its proximity to nearby cities, this is the park's busiest entrance. Consider driving to the town of Twentynine Palms to enter the park through the North Entrance to save time. There is often a long entrance line at the West Entrance and no line at the North Entrance. This plan will work especially well for those visitors who plan to spend 1-5 hours driving through the park along Park Boulevard and then circle back the way they came making a loop with Park Boulevard and Highway 62.

Joshua Tree National Park

Last updated: January 11, 2024