Valor Memorial

A cluster of columnar rocks arranged upright in front of a view of Mount Rainier.
The Mount Rainier National Park Valor Memorial in Longmire.

NPS/K. Bacher Photo

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Season: Year-Round

The Mount Rainier National Park Valor Memorial ensures that the individuals who made the ultimate sacrifice while saving the lives of others, will never be forgotten:

Ranger Nick Hall
U.S. Park Ranger Margaret Anderson
Ranger Phil Otis
Ranger Sean Ryan

Seven basalt stone columns placed in a natural configuration, along with a single entrance column, form the memorial. The memorial is intended to provide the opportunity to walk among the columns, to touch their rough but regular surface, and marvel in both their uniformity and individual attributes, not unlike the people they honor.

The memorial is located in the historic Longmire Campground, adjacent to the Longmire Community Building. The site is discretely placed among fir and spruce trees, yet offers a spectacular view of Mount Rainier and the bands of andesite columns on Rampart Ridge that inspired the memorial’s design. The location invites quiet contemplation and reflection.

Funding for the memorial was provided by appropriated funds from the State of Washington and other donations were made for the memorial through Washington’s National Park Fund.

The Valor Memorial was dedicated on August 25, 2017.

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Last updated: April 29, 2021