Truants' Meadow

A small wooden house in a field with trees in the background with fall leaves.
Enjoy the scenic view at Truants' Meadow.

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Cellular Signal, Scenic View/Photo Spot, Trailhead

As seen in Julian Alden Weir's painting The Old Rock, now known as The Truants, this meadow exemplifies the dynamic nature of a cultural landscape.


Once a large open field leading to the pond, the meadow is slowly reverting to the encroaching forest behind it. As a result, the meadow is now actively maintained through woodland edge management and annual mowing. 

Weir would occasionally paint from his "Palace Car," a studio built with assistance of his resident farmer, Paul Remy. Set on runners and pulled by oxen, the car had windows on four sides and an oil stove, making it a portable, all-season studio. Immortalized in Weir's painting, Landscape: Branchville, The Palace Car, it eventually became a playhouse for his children.

Weir Farm National Historical Park

Last updated: February 8, 2021