Timothy Cowles House

image of a national register plaque

Quick Facts

The Timothy Cowles House is one of several houses in this itinerary within the Farmington Historic District associated with the Mende's stay in Farmington. Houses in the historic district date from 1720 to 1835. Farmington was a prosperous commercial center and the 10th most populous town in the colonies at the time of the American revolution.

The three little girls who survived the Amistad rebellion lived with local families during their stay in Farmington. The Timothy Cowles family sheltered one of the girls. It is known that Margru stayed with the Noah Porter family, and Teme with the Horace Cowles family. Although her name is not recorded as such, the third girl, Kagne, is thus believed to have been sheltered by Timothy Cowles. Like the other Mende, Kagne would have attended school for five hours each morning and likely have participated in domestic activities of the Cowles family.

This is just one of many places associated with the Amistad event.  To learn more about other places, please access the main Visit page of this itinerary.

Last updated: July 24, 2017