The Church

Towering cave walls lit up from below. A wide open paved trail is in the center of the room.
Church service was once held here in the cave.

NPS Photo/ Thomas DiGiovannangelo

Quick Facts

Information - Ranger/Staff Member Present, Scenic View/Photo Spot

This is a large canyon room; the ceiling is about 50 feet high. To the left of the room is the Church, you are looking at a breakdown of large rocks. To the left of the breakdown is a prominent ledge 15 feet high called the Pulpit Rock. Along the ledge of the Pulpit, the walls are blackened with soot from lanterns and torch throwing by guides through the years. Special services were held in the cave during the mid 1800s. 

On the right side of the room, there is a set of hollowed out Tulip Poplar logs. The pipes are supported by a triangular scaffold, just as they would have been during their use in saltpetre mining. These pipes would service the next set of leeching vats.

Mammoth Cave National Park

Last updated: April 8, 2021