Strutwear Knitting Company Building

Strutwear Knitting Company Building
Strutwear Knitting Company Building

Photograph courtesy of Minnesota State Historic Preservation Office

Quick Facts
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Social History
Listed in the National Register of Historic Places
Privately Owned

The Strutwear Knitting Company Building represents one of the most important labor victories in Minneapolis's history. The property is locally significant under Criterion A in the area of Social History. Its period of significance is 1935 to 1936, when Strutwear employees were on strike against the company's anti-union policies. It was not only a battle against Strutwear officials but against the Minneapolis Citizens Alliance, an antilabor business association and militant defender of the city's open-shop reputation. Thousands of industrial workers from across all trades, skill levels, and genders joined the eight-month-long standoff, which marked a turning point in Minneapolis's labor movement. It was particularly a triumph for Strutwear's nearly 900 female operatives, who were initially excluded from the union's member drive. Prior to the Strutwear strike, the American Federation of Hosiery Workers had not included women among its ranks, but their participation was crucial to the strike's success.

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