SR410 North Entrance Arch

A two lane road leads through a large archway constructed of massive cedar logs.
The SR410 north entrance arch, completed in 1977, was the last entrance arch built in the park.

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14 miles southeast of Greenwater, Washington on Mather Memorial Parkway (SR410)

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Season: Summer (May – November) 

SR410 typically opens for the season in May, depending on weather, avalanche conditions, and snow plowing operations.  


The northeast entrance arch to Mount Rainier National Park on the Mather Memorial Parkway (SR410) is located roughly 14 miles southeast of Greenwater, Washington. This arch stands at the boundary and indicates your entry into the national park from the bordering Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest.  

Beyond the entrance, the highway continues south, providing access to the entire eastern side of the park. Four and a half miles past the arch, a junction (Mather Wye) offers a right turn towards White River and onward to Sunrise. Further along the highway is another junction at Cayuse Pass. Keep to the left to stay on SR410, which turns east and climbs to Chinook Pass. A right turn connects to SR123 leading to the southern and western areas of the park. 

After building the road to Paradise from the Nisqually Entrance in 1915, park officials saw the need for increasing vehicle access to other parts of the park and began making plans for a series of roadways that would connect to make a “round-the-mountain" road. This became more possible after Washington State, with funding from the Bureau of Public Roads, began construction of a highway that is now the Mather Memorial Parkway.  

Although the section of highway within the park (from the north entrance to Chinook Pass) was completed in 1932, the entrance arch wasn’t constructed until 1977. This was the last entrance arch to be built in the park and was constructed with peeled cedar logs. While it is not considered to be a contribution to the period of significance for the Mather Memorial Parkway, the arch was constructed in the rustic style similar to the other entrance arches and is compatible with the historic architecture of the park. 

Mount Rainier National Park

Last updated: June 15, 2022