Spectra Point

A black-tube railing surrounds a semi-level gravel area overlooking a massive rock formation.
Spectra Point is located at the one-mile point along the South Rim Trail.

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Quick Facts
South Rim Trail

Scenic View/Photo Spot

At the 1-mile point along the South Rim Trail, a short spur trail connects to this incredible viewpoint. From Spectra Point, elevation 10,285ft, hikers can see arches, windows, and hoodoos within the Cedar Breaks Amphitheater. At the intersection of the South Rim Trail and the Spectra Point Spur Trail is a large grove of bristlecone pines.

Visitors should use extreme caution on the South Rim Trail and at Spectra Point as many areas feature steep drop-off just off the trail. Visitors to Spectra Point should remain behind the railing provided. Dogs are not permitted on the South Rim Trail.

Cedar Breaks National Monument

Last updated: April 17, 2024