South Marble Island

A park ranger aboard a tour boat points their binoculars towards South Marble Island.
Get out your binoculars! There is so much to observe at South Marble Island.

NPS Photo

Location, Location, Location

To the northeast of the swirling waters of Sitakaday Narrows, South Marble Island is prime real estate for several species of sea birds, providing an awesome summer home with everything the birds need to successfully raise their offspring. Birds that spend most of the year on the open ocean return to South Marble Island to nest and raise their chicks. The isolated island provides a safe place away from terrestrial predators. The surrounding waters are filled with nutritious fish, making it a great place for animals to find food. South Marble Island also provides Steller Sea Lions with a safe, relaxing place to soak up the warming rays of sun after swimming in the cold waters of the bay. For the most part, the island draws bachelor sea lions that are unable to challenge males at nearby breeding islands located along the park's outer coast.

Glacier Bay National Park & Preserve

Last updated: April 7, 2021