Sinnott Memorial Overlook

View of Sinnott Memorial from the rim
Sinnott Memorial, the park's most popular overlook, was built in 1930, along the caldera wall.

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Sinnott Memorial was completed and opened to the public in the summer of 1931. Park officials wanted it to stay camouflaged from other viewpoints on the rim, thus the Sinnott’s exterior is a mosaic of native stone. Its rustic architecture set the tone for future buildings constructed at Crater Lake.
In 1988 the Sinnott Memorial Overlook was and remains listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Rim Village was later listed as a historic district in 1997. The Sinnott was included in this listing serving as one of the six primary structures included in the Rim Village Historic District.

Historical/Interpretive Information/Exhibits, Scenic View/Photo Spot

Open late-June to mid-October, hours vary
The Sinnott Memorial Overlook has always been and remains the most popular viewpoint in the park. Standing within the sheltered memorial, the lake’s captivating beauty is without a doubt the main attraction. But its alliance with the geologic history of Mount Mazama is the compelling reason why the Sinnott Memorial was constructed. The beauty and geology are united via a series of information panels that rest in the structure allowing visitors to simultaneously see the unobstructed beauty and connect it the explosive volcanic history. 


In addition to the overlook, the Sinnott Memorial houses the park's main exhibit area. Inside, protected from the weather, are a brief film about the catastrophic story of Mount Mazama, displays describing influential scientists and their research, an exhibit discussing the indigenous connections to Crater Lake, exhibits illustrating the amount of pumice and ashfall that occurred locally from the eruption that formed Crater Lake, and a collage of pictures and quotations describing the lakes's beauty.

In late June, after snow is removed for the native stone steps and walkway which lead to the memorial overlook, and exhibits are fine-tuned, visitors are welcome to enjoy the view and peruse the exhibits. It is typically open late-June to mid-October and the hours for access vary throughout the summer. 


The Sinnott Memorial is an impressive stone structure built 50 feet below the caldera rim into a steep rock outcrop called Victor Rock. The structure was dedicated in 1931 as a memorial to Congressman “Nick” Sinnott, who representated the Eastern Oregon Congressional District in the US House of Representatives, and served from 1919 to 1928 as Chairman of the Public Lands Committe.

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