Seminole Rest Wayside, Preserving the Mound

Seminole Rest with boat house and pilings from 1920\'s.
Seminole Rest view from Mosquito Lagoon.


In 1911, Mr. and Mrs. Wesley H. Snyder purchased this house and the surrounding land. They named their homesite “Seminole Rest” after the Seminole Indians. Their purchase saved the story of an even earlier culture – the Timucuan Indians.

“Daddy bought the place from an Englishman, “Lord” Turnor – the buildings, this house, and the other house. There was a long dock that went out and the boathouse was on the dock. My father saw this place as he was going duck hunting with some people over across the lagoon. Then to come over and see it.

It was vacant when my father saw it. He bought it and the 10-acre grove. Bet you can’t guess what he paid for it all, $2,000 for the hill, and 10 acres. Mother added to it – there was some land south of the grove between here and Sam’s Mound – just to protect it.” – Jacqueline Snyder Stevens

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Last updated: August 27, 2021