South Dakota Air & Space Museum

A collection of airplanes is groups around a former hanger building
The South Dakota Air & Space Museum is located just outside the Ellsworth AFB main gate.

US Air Force

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Box Elder, South Dakota
Extensive collection and archive of Cold War aircraft, artifacts, and documents related to Ellsworth AFB and the Cold War era in South Dakota.
United States Air Force Field Museum

The South Dakota Air & Space Museum boasts an extensive collection of artifacts and documents that capture the distinguished history of Ellsworth Air Force Base, the 44th Strategic Missile Wing, and the 28th Bomb Wing throughout the Cold War. Ellsworth AFB played a crucial role in national defense during this time period with an arsenal that included bombers such as the B-29 Superfortress, B-36 Peacemaker, B-52 Stratofortress, and B-1 Lancer along with Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles including the Titan I and the Minuteman. The museum includes examples of the B-29, B-52, B-1, and both the Titan I and the Minuteman. 

The museum also has four large inside galleries of artifacts covering the history and heritage of military and civilian aerospace achievements covering the past century. The museum itself is housed in four aircraft alert hangers in which Air Defense Command fighters sat on alert waiting to engage penetrating Soviet bombers during the height of the Cold War.  

The museum is open year round (although the indoor galleries are closed until further notice) and the tours of Ellsworth AFB and the Missile Silo are permanently closed. Admission to the museum is free.

Minuteman Missile National Historic Site

Last updated: December 21, 2023