Sarah Amanda Trott McKinney House

Photo of the two-story Sarah Trott McKinney House with hipped roof. Courtesy NPS.

Photo of the two-story Sarah Trott McKinney House. Courtesy NPS.

Quick Facts

Alabama Highway 25, Bibb County, Alabama
Home of school teacher Sarah Trott McKinney, architecturally unique.
National Register of Historic Places

The Sarah Amanda Trott McKinney House was constructed in 1885 in Bibb County, Alabama. Over the last century, the two-story house was used as a residence, a temporary school, a dormitory, and a post-office. W.C. Trott built the house for his widowed sister, Sarah Amanda. Her husband, H.C. McKinney, was wounded in the Civil War and died of his wounds in 1879.

Before the war, Sarah started as a teacher at Six Mile Academy. The school was one of the only educational facilities in the county and it was open to both men and women. The original school building burned in 1897, and while a new facility was constructed, Sarah held classes in her house. She even let some of the students board with her.

While Sarah’s home was never officially part of the Six Mile Academy, it is the only surviving structure associated with the school and the local community.

Last updated: August 7, 2018