Farview Curve Overlook

clouds frame a mountain peak
View from Farview Curve

NPS Photo / Kim Grossman

Enjoy sweeping views of the Kawnueeche Valley and the Never Summer Range from this spectacular overlook.

For thousands of years, Native American communities lived seasonally in the Kawnueeche Valley. The Colorado River provided valuable resources that sustained communities through the summer months. In the late 1800’s, settlers from the United States of America began to farm the valley as homesteads.

Along the far side of the valley, visitors can view the impressive Never Summer Range. This row of mountains is the only volcanic mountain range in Rocky Mountain National Park. In the late 1800’s, prospectors looking for precious metals mined the valley below Farview Curve. The mines never produced riches, but today, the Never Summers provide another valuable resource: water. Look for a horizontal stripe running across the middle of the mountain range. Known as the Grand Ditch, this canal collects and carries water to Long Draw Reservoir. Even today, the ditch provides water to farmers and communities living east of Colorado's Front Range.

Note: Trail Ridge Road closes from here west to Colorado River Trailhead mid-October to Memorial Day. Extreme weather can change the status of Trail Ridge Road at any time—be ready to adjust your travel plans if needed, and always check the weather before you start your drive.

Altitude Warning: Altitude sickness affects many visitors every year. Symptoms include headache, nausea, fatigue, dizziness, vomiting, and even unconsciousness. Altitude can also aggravate pre-existing conditions like heart and lung disease. Take your time, drink water, eat, and rest. The only cure for altitude sickness is to go down to a lower altitude.

Help keep wildlife wild. Never approach or feed wildlife. Animals that learn people are a source of food can become aggressive or stop hunting or foraging on their own. Keep your distance - it's the law! You could be hurt or issued a fine.

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Last updated: October 16, 2020