River Bend Overlook

A small stone shelter with a low pitched roof stands at the edge of a butte overlooking a river.
The shelter at River Bend Overlook.

NPS Photo/C. Sandvick

Quick Facts
River Bend Overlook, North Unit of Theodore Roosevelt National Park
A shelter built by the CCC as part of their projects in what would become Theodore Roosevelt National Park.

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There are many beautiful views in Theodore Roosevelt National Park, but perhaps none are better than the view from the shelter at River Bend Overlook. Built by the Civilian Conservation Corps circa 1937, this stone structure stands on the edge of a butte, providing a dramatic view of the Little Missouri River valley below. It also serves as a tangible example of the projects created by the CCC on the land that would eventually become Theodore Roosevelt National Park.

While you enjoy the view from this shelter, reflect on these words from a badlands CCC veteran on the occasion of the CCC’s 50th anniversary: “You learned how to live with other men, you learned self-esteem…you learned about yourself.”

Theodore Roosevelt National Park

Last updated: February 14, 2021