Resting Grizzly

a bronze statue of a bear lying on its belly is blanketed in snow

"Resting Grizzly" under a blanket of snow. NPS Photo/D. Leifheit.

Quick Facts

Denali National Park & Preserve, Alaska
“Resting Grizzly” by William Berry may well be the most hugged and photographed work of art in all of Alaska.
The life-size bear sculpture outside the entrance to the Denali Visitor Center is an enlargement of an original eight-inch bronze entitled “Resting Grizzly” (1974) by William D. “Bill” Berry (1926-1979), an Alaskan wildlife artist who worked extensively in Denali from 1954 to 1979.

The original sculpture is a limited edition of 20 bronze reproductions. This eight-foot replica consists of 31 separate castings and became a reality with the help of Alaskan sculptor Skip Wallen. The project, made possible by a gift from Bill’s wife Elizabeth and supported by the Berry family, was installed in September 2012. Learn more about the artist and statue, and watch the live Resting Grizzly webcam on the Denali website.

“Fox cubs or caribou, his animals are what you’d see — if you could see as clearly, if you had his patience or powers of observation.”

— Carla Helfferich, former managing editor for University of Alaska Press

Last updated: July 26, 2017