Reservation 630

A trail marker sign in front of a trail surrounded by woods
Reservation 630

NPS / Claire Hassler

Quick Facts

Pets Allowed, Trailhead

Reservation 630 covers an area of land that extends from Rock Creek close to Picnic Grove #1 and follows an un-named tributary to the west all the way to Reno Road NW. It is bisected by Connecticut Avenue NW. West of Connecticut Ave. NW the park is bound to the north by Tilden Street NW and Sedgewick Street NW and on the south by Rodman Street NW. To the east of Connecticut Avenue NW the park land is bound by no roads but touches to the backs of several properties running along Tilden Street NW to the north and Quebec Street NW.

Trail head access is available at:

Tilden Street NW near 34th Street NW
Rodman Street NW near 34th Street NW
Connecticut Avenue NW (between Sedgewick Street NW and Quebec Street NW)
Picnic Grove #1 near the Western Ridge Trail

The park is also home to the Reservation 630 Community Garden. 

Rock Creek Park

Last updated: June 9, 2023