Redoubt 4

A cannon next to a mound covered with grass
Several earthen redoubts were built by soldiers to aid in the defense of the encampment.

NPS Photo/G. Purifoy

Quick Facts
Upslope from North Inner Line Drive near Conway's Brigade
The site of one of several defensive fortifications built by Continental Army soldiers in 1777-78
Reconstructed earthworks fortification

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Located on the hillside above where Huntington's and Conway's brigades were encamped at Valley Forge (accessible from North Inner Line Drive near the Von Steuben statue), Redoubt 4 is one of several earthen fortifications that were originally constructed by soldiers to aid in the defense of the army from possible British attack.

Today, the reconstructed redoubt affords those who journey up the hill a sweeping view of the Grand Parade.

Valley Forge National Historical Park

Last updated: July 6, 2022