Market Hall

The ruins of the first Market Square and part of the colonade apartments
Market Hall is bordered by Romanesque apartments


Quick Facts
11159 S Champlain Ave, Chicago, IL 60628
City of Chicago Historic Landmark and National Historic Landmark
The original Market Hall was built at the same time as the test of the town of Pullman. It had two floors containing a lunch counter, sixteen stalls for the sale of fresh meats and vegetables, and a meeting hall. In 1892, it was destroyed by fire. In 1893, it was rebuilt with a new three-story design intended to mimic the Romanesque buildings of the 1983 World's Columbian Exposition. Pullman was considered one of the "marvels" of the nearby world's fair, and visitors were flocking to the town to see it. To help lodge them, colonnaded apartments were built around Market Hall. 

Today, after suffering fires in both 1931 and 1973, only the lower half of the Market Hall remains. It was purchased by the Historic Pullman Foundation soon after its 1974 fire, and has been stabilized for visitors to the neighborhood to view. It has been used for public art displays in the past and its colonnade apartments are still lived in today. 

Pullman National Historical Park

Last updated: January 8, 2023