Old South Meeting House

Photo looking up at the tall brick and copper steeple of Old South Meeting House
Old South Meeting House nestled in a modern skyline.

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Quick Facts
310 Washington Street, Boston
Site of Boston Massacre and Boston Tea Party Meetings
National Historic Landmark; Freedom Trail Site; Legislated Partner Site of Boston National Historical Park

Built in 1729 as a Puritan house of worship, the Old South Meeting House was the largest building in colonial Boston. In the days leading to the American Revolution, citizens gathered here to challenge British policies, protesting the Boston Massacre and the tea tax. Here, at an overflow meeting on December 16, 1773, the Boston Tea Party began. Saved from destruction in 1876, in the first successful historic preservation effort in New England, the building is now an active meeting place, a haven for free speech, and a museum exhibit, “Voices of Protest.”

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Last updated: May 21, 2024