Nicollet Marker

A stone with initials and a date carved into them
The marks left behind by Joseph Nicollet and men from his expedition in 1838.

N. Barber

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The initials on this rock were carved by the French scientist and explorer Joseph Nicollet and members of his 1838 expedition. This was the first US government-sponsored expedition to the quarries, resulting in the first accurate map of the upper Mississippi and Missouri river basins (which includes Minnesota).

In 1858, Dakota leader Struck-By-The-Ree refused to move his people to a reservation 150 miles south unless they were guaranteed the right to quarry pipestone. The government agreed and the quarries were turned into a 1-square-mile reservation. The Nicollet Marker was used as its center point.  

Pipestone National Monument

Last updated: March 24, 2022