National World War II Memorial

People walk on a stone plaza with fountains.
Columns represent each of the 56 U.S. states and territories that participated in World War II.


Quick Facts

Washington, D.C.
National Memorial that honors Americans who served in World War II.
National Memorial

Dedicated in 2004, the World War II Memorial is a large stone plaza designed by architect Friedrich St. Florian. The plaza forms a ring of columns representing the U.S. states and territories, joined together by a bronze cord symbolizing their united effort.

Bas relief artwork by Ray Kaskey Studios depicts the many facets of the American war effort both on the homefront and the battle front. Two victory pavilions house massive bronze sculptures of eagles laying laurel wreaths above a representation of the Victory Medal, towering over two pools with the names of campaigns and battles of each theater of the war.

At the west side of the memorial, 4,048 gold stars each represent 100 American servicemen who gave their lives in the conflict.

 The World War II Memorial is located on 17th Street at the east end of the Reflecting Pool. The nearest metro stop is Smithsonian; walk west from the station past the Washington Monument and cross 17th Street at the crosswalk to enter the memorial.

Last updated: October 21, 2015