National Park Inn in Longmire

A two-story wood building with a small building next door, dusted by snow and surround by forest.
The historic National Park Inn in Longmire operates year-round.

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National Historic Landmark

Accessible Rooms, Benches/Seating, Electric Car Charging Station, Electrical Outlet/Cell Phone Charging, Fire Extinguisher, Food/Drink - Bar/Alcohol For Sale, Food/Drink - Coffee, Food/Drink - Ice Cream, Food/Drink - Restaurant/Table Service, Food/Drink - Snacks, Gifts/Souvenirs/Books, Groceries/Convenience Items, Recycling, Restroom, Restroom - Accessible, Supplies - General, Telephone, Toilet - Flush, Trash/Litter Receptacles, Wheelchair Accessible

Season: Year-Round
Hours can vary depending on the season. NOTE: From May 24 - September 2, 2024, timed entry reservations are required to enter the Paradise Corridor between 7:00 am and 3:00 pm, which includes Longmire. National Park Inn reservations can be used instead of a timed entry reservation to enter the Paradise Corridor after 1:00 pm the first day of your reservation and at anytime during the remainder of your stay. National Park Inn reservations provide access to the Paradise Corridor only; they do not provide access to the Sunrise Corridor.

The National Park Inn in Longmire is a popular place to stay for exploring Mount Rainier National Park and is the only accommodation in the park that operates year-round. The current inn has 25 guestrooms. In addition to overnight guests, the National Park Inn has a restaurant that serves many day users to the park. A general store adjacent to the main inn building provides gifts, basic groceries, firewood sales in the summer, and snowshoe rentals in the winter.

Part of a National Historic Landmark District, the National Park Inn has a long history of providing shelter to visitors to Mount Rainier National Park. The Longmire area was first developed by Longmire family in the late 1880s, which included the construction of the rustic Longmire Springs Hotel. Originally marketed as a health resort, the hotel invited visitors to partake of the natural volcanic mineral springs found in the Longmire Meadow. Over time the hotel was expanded and rebuilt, including a two-story annex. When the national park was created in 1899, interest in the Longmire area shifted from the mineral springs to using Longmire as a base for exploring Mount Rainier National Park. In 1906 a competing hotel, the National Park Inn, was built by the Tacoma & Eastern Railroad Company under lease by the park. In 1916, the newly formed Rainier National Park Company purchased the Longmire Springs Hotel and Annex, along with the National Park Inn. They dismantled the old Longmire Springs Hotel and moved the annex across the road from its original location and next to the National Park Inn. In 1926, the original National Park Inn burned down, leaving behind the annex and clubhouse. The annex soon became known as the National Park Inn that exists today. The club house is now the general store and gift shop next to the Inn. Learn more about the history of this historic building in the article "The National Park Inn". 

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
Electric vehicle charging stations are available at Longmire year-round and at Paradise during the summer season, operated by Rainier Guest Services (RGS). If you are interested in using them, visit the corresponding lodging operation (National Park Inn for Longmire and Paradise Inn for Paradise) to get their access code. Pricing will be based upon the amount of time requested and acceptance rate of energy (Tier 1, 2, or 3) requested.

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Last updated: January 23, 2024