Memorial Park (Florida)

Pencil drawing of statue of circle with person standing on it with trees on both sides
Memorial Park

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Quick Facts
Jacksonville, FL
Olmsted Designed Park
Ninah M.H. Cummer, founder of the Jacksonville Garden Club, aspired to create a worthy civic gesture to commemorate Floridians who perished while fighting for America in WWI. With her own waterfront property as the site for the park, Cummer commissioned Olmsted Brothers to complete a landscape design.

Olmsted Brothers’ design of 1922 included a large, central oval lawn with walkways around the park and along the ocean's edge. The focal point of the park, and the memorial to the fallen soldiers, is a bronze statue by C. Adrian Pillars, who depicted “the winged figure of youth.” Olmsted Brothers’ plan keeps Pillar’s memorial in mind, complimenting but not distracting from it.

Frederick Law Olmsted National Historic Site

Last updated: October 25, 2023