Lower Fox Creek Schoolhouse

Lower Fox Creek School built of limestone with a wooden shake shingle roof and bellfry
Sitting alone at the top of a hill, this school was built to last.


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National Historic Landmark

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The Lower Fox Creek Schoolhouse District #14, completed in 1882, was just one of many signs that a more settled, stable, and established existence was taking shape in the American West. One-room schoolhouses would soon spread across the West as settlers established themselves, believing that only through education and knowledge could a child one day fully participate in American society. The school was operational from 1882 to 1930 and was attended by nearby children. School attendance ranged from 3 to 19 students with all eight grades.

School is located one mile north of the visitor center and is accessible by car. Turn left out of the visitor center parking lot and travel north on K-177 for one mile, going beyond the school. Make a left turn onto the gravel access road that makes its way to the school. Be careful, as the turn is on a curve. The building is open during the main visitor season from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., but the interior is still viewable through the windows.

Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve

Last updated: September 21, 2023