Louisville Waterfront Park

A bronze statue of Abraham Lincoln sits in a circular plaza surrounded by an engraved wall
The Lincoln Memorial at Louisville Waterfront Park

"Lincoln Memorial - Louisville Waterfront Park" by (aka Brent) is licensed under CC BY-

Quick Facts
Louisville, KY

Beach/Water Access, Benches/Seating, Bicycle - Rack, Boat Ramp, Canoe/Kayak/Small Boat Launch, Cellular Signal, Parking - Auto, Parking - Bus/RV, Picnic Table, Playground, Scenic View/Photo Spot, Wheelchair Accessible

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Louisville Waterfront Park is both a non-profit organization and a public park in Louisville, Kentucky. Bordering the Ohio River, we are not only a destination but the front door to the city.

We connect people to the river and are devoted to preserving and growing a space that can be enjoyed by the community forever.

Once a wasteland of scrap yards and abandoned industrial buildings, Waterfront Park is now a vibrant 85-acre green space that welcomes over 2.2 million visitors each year. We are home to some of Louisville’s most exciting celebrations, such as the Fourth of July at Waterfront Park, Forecastle Festival, and WFPK Waterfront Wednesdays. If big crowds aren’t your thing, there is plenty of space to take a walk, ride your bike, do some yoga, or enjoy a breathtaking view of the city from the Big Four Bridge.

As the most utilized urban park in Louisville, Waterfront is where we come together to celebrate our unique sense of community. We are a non-profit, public park made possible by the generosity of our supporters. Your donations help us maintain and expand Waterfront Park for the entire community to enjoy.

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Last updated: June 2, 2021