Lookout Louise

a view from the Lookout Louise overlook of Duncan Bay and the distant islands of Ontario
View from Lookout Louise on a clear day.


Quick Facts

Benches/Seating, Scenic View/Photo Spot

Lookout Louise is a popular overlook perched over Duncan Bay and commanding a view of the stretch of Lake Superior between Isle Royale and Thunder Bay, Ontario. On a clear day, Pie Island, the Sibley Peninsula, and Edward Island are visible. Those with binoculars are afforded a view of the buildings dotting Sibley Cove, an old silver mining town developed in the 1870s. Lookout Louise is named after Louise Savage of Saint Paul, Minnesota, a girl whose family owned one of the nearby Tobin Harbor islands before Isle Royale's days as a national park.

Isle Royale National Park

Last updated: February 12, 2022