Liberty Hall

Exterior view of the front of Liberty Hall

Quick Facts

218 Wilkinson Street, Frankfort, Kentucky
Architecture, Political
National Register of Historic Places; National Historic Landmark

Liberty Hall was built in Frankfort, Kentucky, by the Hon. John Brown between 1796 and 1800. Brown was a leading lawyer and politician of the area and was instrumental in gaining statehood for Kentucky in 1792. The house that he built for himself in the new capital of the state was patterned on the finest Federal architecture that John Brown had seen in the East, especially Philadelphia. When the house was finished, Brown had created one of the most outstanding examples of the style anywhere in the country. The great achievement of Liberty Hall is not so much that it was built on the frontier, but that, in spite of its extremely remote location, it is one of the most perfect examples of Federal domestic architecture ever realized in the country.


Last updated: July 26, 2017