Lewis Fulton Memorial Park

Black and white of rock stairways in rocky grassy area with path at the bottom
Lewis Fulton Memorial Park

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Quick Facts
Waterbury, CT
Olmsted Designed Park
Located at the center of Waterbury, the 70-acre Fulton Park, designed by Olmsted Brothers, is a prime example of Olmsted design legacy. A picturesque park with rolling terrain and broad vistas, all framed by trees, Fulton Park is home to meadows punctuated by ponds and streams, woodlands filled with stone walls and hiking paths, lush gardens, and recreational facilities.

It was William E. Fulton, President of the Waterbury Farrel Foundry and Machine Company, who in 1919, after acquiring land no longer being used by the city, contacted Olmsted Brothers to begin designing his park. Fulton Park embodies the democratic Olmsted approach to designing parks- provide an escape for city residents where they could nourish their physical, social, and emotional needs.

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