Latrobe Park

Color pencil drawing of rectangular park lined with trees with lots of open areas inside
Latrobe Park

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Quick Facts
Baltimore, MD
Olmsted Designed Park
Named after Baltimore’s mayor, Latrobe Park was established in 1902, located within the Locust Point neighborhood. Baltimore purchased six acres of land to create a park, hoping to serve the residents of this heavily industrialized area. Olmsted Brothers were soon hired to design the landscape, which would include playgrounds and venues for active recreation.

Situated on land that slopes down, Olmsted Brothers chose to establish three distinct, generally flat areas, that would be separated by slight elevation changes. Primary access to Latrobe Park is along the northern border, lined with mature canopy trees. A brick and concrete staircase leads to a central promenade that traverses an open lawn.

The center of Latrobe Park includes a grove of trees at the end of the central path which is flanked by playgrounds and open lawn. While this area once afforded views of the river, a dense tree canopy now screens the nearby highway and maintains the pastoral atmosphere of the site.

Frederick Law Olmsted National Historic Site

Last updated: October 21, 2023