Lane Pinnacle Overlook

Green layered mountains stretch for miles
View from Lane Pinnacle

NPS Photo / Shalyn Yost

Quick Facts

Parking - Auto, Scenic View/Photo Spot

Lane Pinnacle Overlook sits 3,890 feet above sea level. It is an overlook with stunning views located between Asheville and Craggy Gardens at Milepost 372.1.  

This overlook allows for over 35 miles of open views of the southeast Swannanoa Valley. This valley includes mixed hardwood and pine forests. It is named in honor of Charles Lane, the owner of the land in the early 1800s. He established an iron mine on the north slope here. In fact, as the Civil War broke out in 1865, there were 49 ironworks active in North Carolina.  

Last updated: October 7, 2020