Jumonville Glen

A wooded location with rocky cliff.


Quick Facts
Seven mile west of Fort Necessity, 732 State Rt 2021, Hopwood, PA 15445
The first shots of the French and Indian War
National Register of Historic Places

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A short skirmish between French and colonial Virginian soldiers was fought here, the first shots of the French and Indian War. This location is open seasonally and includes a ½ mile walking trail and interpretive signs.

After hiking all night, on the morning of May 28, 1754, Lt. Col. George Washington met with his American Indian allies who led his to the secluded spot where the French were camped. He planned to surround the party of French soldiers and find out what they were up to. However, while getting into position a shot was fired. Washington order the Virginia soldiers with him to open fire. After 15 minutes the French surrendered.

In the confusion that followed, the wounded French commander, Ensign Jumonville, was attacked by one of Washington’s American Indian allies, and killed.

In future years, the commander’s name would be used to identify the out-of-the way spot, Jumonville Glen. Follow the link for more history on the Jumonville skirmish.

Fort Necessity National Battlefield

Last updated: June 24, 2022