Blacksmith Shop (Herbert Hoover National Historic Site)

A low barn-like wood building is painted brown and has a facade with white trim.
Herbert Hoover's father Jesse owned a blacksmith shop represented by the one at Herbert Hoover NHS

NPS Photo by John Tobiason

Quick Facts

West Branch, Iowa
Part of Herbert Hoover National Historic Site

"My recollection of my father is of necessity dim indeed, but I retain one vivid memento from this time. Playing barefoot around the blacksmith shop, I stepped on a chip of hot iron and carry the brand of Iowa on my foot to this day."

Herbert Hoover

Herbert Hoover's father Jesse owned and operated a blacksmith shop from 1871 to 1878. Although there were other smithies in town, Jesse earned a reputation as a good-natured, fair, and industrious businessman. Skilled and ambitious, he advertised to farmers, "Horse shoeing and plow work a specialty. Also dealer in all kinds of pumps. Prices to suit the times."

Last updated: February 22, 2019