Jasper Forest

Petrified wood filling a badland surrounded valley at Jasper Forest
Jasper Forest

NPS Photo/Andrew V Kearns

Quick Facts
Between Agate Bridge and Crystal Forest
High concentration of petrified wood.

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Jasper Forest was originally called First Forest as it was the first large accumulation of petrified wood reached from Adamana. The petrified log segments continue to erode from the 216-million-year-old Jasper Forest bed, which caps the exposures in the area, including Blue Mesa, Agate Bridge, and Crystal Forest. The forest was originally accessible by vehicle and the old road constructed by the CCC in the early 1930s still exists. The old road was also called the First Forest-Eagle Nest Rock Road. The historic road was closed on October 8, 1965 to reduce illegal petrified wood removal. The current overlook was completed that same month. Jasper Forest was home to geographical landmarks such as Eagle Nest Rock and the Snow Lady, both of which no longer exist because of erosion. The old road alignment can be explored using the Jasper Forest Off the Beaten Path route.

Last updated: July 11, 2021