Jameson Jenkins Lot

Empty grass lot surrounded by white fence with old wooden wagon/cart in front on street
Jameson Jenkins, conductor on the Underground Railroad, lived on this lot.

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Lincoln Home National Historic Site
Site where Jameson Jenkins, a conductor of the Underground Railroad, lived
National Underground Railroad Network to Freedom

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Located only a half-block south of the home where Abraham Lincoln raised his family and lived preceding his presidency, this unassuming grass lot was once the site of the home of Jameson Jenkins and his family. Mr. Jenkins is believed to have helped escape slaves reach freedom and have played a role in the Underground Railroad. 

Jameson Jenkins was a drayman, transporting goods and providing transportation services, which likely was an excellent occupation for someone who was also a conductor on the Underground Railroad. When Mr. Lincoln left Springfield for Washington D.C. to assume the presidency, Mr. Jenkins gave Lincoln a ride to the Great Western Depot where Lincoln delivered his Farewell Address to the citizens of Springfield.

Lincoln Home National Historic Site

Last updated: January 28, 2021