James Staples House

A cream colored two story house with a broad enclosed porch and yellow trim, depicted in a painting.
Dr. John and Eliza Staples were neighbors of the Hoovers

"The Staples House" by Heather Heckel

Quick Facts

West Branch, Iowa
Part of Herbert Hoover National Historic Site

The main wing of this white, two-story wood frame structure was completed in 1872, two years before Herbert Hoover was born. Did you know that the yellow-trimmed door on the left was the original entry to the home? Another owner added the enclosed five-windowed porch in the early 1900's. After Wetherell's death in 1876, his widow, Mary sold the three lots, along with the home, to Dr. John Staples and his wife Eliza for $1,500.00.

The couple, originally from Vermont, had decided to retire in West Branch. When the 76-year old doctor passed away in 1891, he left the home to his four grandchildren. The Staples house has since become a part of the historic village landscape from Herbert Hoover's youth.

Last updated: November 17, 2018