House Of The Maples Site

A vacant lot has a maple tree and a sign on its lawn.
Nothing remains of the House of the Maples but an old maple tree in the lot where it stood (rear)

NPS Photo by Adam Prato

Quick Facts

West Branch, Iowa
Site of Childhood Home of Herbert Hoover, 31st President of the United States

"Mr. J.C. Hoover moved into his new house Tuesday morning, and is now "as snug as a bug in a rug."

West Branch Local Record, 1879

A lone maple tree grows on the land where the Hoover family's second home once stood. The one-acre parcel, on the corner of Downey and Cedar streets, had a two-story frame house with two chimneys. Maple trees lined the front yard and a wild crabapple tree grew in back of the spacious four-room home.

Last updated: November 8, 2018