Historic Fort Steuben

Stone marker for Historic Fort Steuben with wooden fort buildings in the background

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Steubenville, OH

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Historic Fort Steuben is a reconstructed military fort located in Steubenville, Ohio, along the Ohio River. The Reconstruction of Fort Steuben began shortly after 1986, 200 years after the fort’s initial creation, and was led by the Old Fort Steuben Project. The name for Fort Steuben originates from Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben, George Washington’s drillmaster during the revolutionary war. The fort offers a glimpse into what military life was like during the 18th century.
Fort Steuben began its original construction in 1786, and completed construction in 1787. The First American Regiment built the fort with the purpose of protecting surveyors who were tasked with mapping the United States’ Northwestern territory to prepare it for settlement. Fort Steuben was abandoned in 1787 and later eradicated by a fire in 1790. The town of Steubenville was established after the abandonment of the fort. 

Lewis and Clark of the Corps of Discovery passed through the city of Steubenville as the expedition made their initial progress westward. On September 6th, 1803, as the group traveled down the Ohio River, Lewis wrote in his journal that they had reached the city of, as he spelled it, “Stewbenville.” He described it as a “small well built thriving place” despite the fact that the city had only been “five yers since it was wilderness.” No note was made of Fort Steuben because, by 1803, the fort had long since ceased to be.
Today, Historic Fort Steuben features attractions such as an herb garden, an archaeology site, and the visitor’s center. The Exhibit Hall located inside the visitor’s center is home to a variety of exhibits that center around Ohio’s history. Fort Steuben provides the opportunity to explore the reconstructed Fort, and self-guided tours are available to visitors.

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