Historic Chew Ranch at Pool Creek

River cottonwood trees in yellow fall foliage shade the historic Chew ranch house.
This beautiful area was home to three generations of Chews.

NPS / Molly Swindle

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In 1910, Jack Chew was searching for a good home for both his family and his cattle. He found it here, in the area known as Pool Creek. In a time and place where self-reliance was as necessary as water, Pool Creek provided the raw materials the Chew family needed to build their future. In addition to critical water sources, the surrounding hills offered good winter grazing and timber for building homes, storage houses, fences, and fires in the cold winter. In their time here, the Chew family planted orchards and gardens, and dug irrigation ditches. With hard work and nature's support, they made a home that sustained them for more than half a century. Jack's son, Rial Chew, sold the 1,900 acres of the ranch within Dinosaur National Monument to the National Park Service in 1966.


Dinosaur National Monument

Last updated: February 17, 2021