High Amana Store

exterior of the high amana store in High Amana
Exterior of the High Amana Sotre in High Amana, Iowa

Photo courtesy of Amana Colonies Convention and Visitors Bureau

Quick Facts
1308 G Street, High Amana IA
General Store for the Colonies
National Historic Landmark

Everything from tires to souvenirs has been sold at the High Amana Store. It gained importance in the 1920s as the manager, William Foerstner, expanded the merchandise to include tires, bicycles, radios, and other popular items. Now called the High Amana General Store, the building has remained essentially the same, even as the merchandise and the store's role in the community have changed. The pressed metal ceiling, long sales counter and other fixtures date to the 19th century. There are antique display cases in which gifts and Amana-made crafts are displayed, a hand pump, original patterned ceilings and other traditional decorations and furnishings. There is a kerosene pump inside for lamps and stoves. This pump is one of the oldest functional antiques in the store.

George Foerstner, worked with his father in this store until he started making Amana beverage coolers in 1934. George Foerstner's business career, which began in this store assisting his father, eventually led to being President and founder of Amana Refrigeration, Inc. The High Amana Store is still in the Foerstner family.

Last updated: December 13, 2017