The Grotto

A man use a camera near an open cave feature with stone benches and tables.
The Grotto provides a picturesque setting for a picnic and a rest while hiking in McKittrick Canyon.

NPS Photo

Quick Facts
3.5 miles up McKittrick Canyon from the trailhead.
An open cave like depression with stone picnic tables and benches.

Benches/Seating, Picnic Table

The open face of a small cave and rock benches and tables await you in the deep shade in McKittrick Canyon, a tempting location for a picnic. Follow the trail from the Grotto to Hunter Cabin, a structure which was once part of a hunting retreat and ranching operation. Look up the canyon slope and see the steep switchbacks where the trail continues to the Notch and onto McKittrick Ridge. Round-trip distance from the visitor center to the Grotto is 7.0 miles.

Guadalupe Mountains National Park

Last updated: January 11, 2024