Graybeard Mountain Overlook

View of distant mountains with blue sky overhead and overlook sign, sidewalk and fence in foreground
View of the "Seven Sisters" from Graybeard Mountain Overlook

NPS Photo/Gail Fox

Quick Facts
Milepost 363.4
High Elevation Scenic View

Parking - Auto, Scenic View/Photo Spot, Trailhead

The Graybeard Mountain Overlook is a high elevation overlook (5,592 feet) just north of Craggy Gardens with stunning eastern views.

Looking out, you can see an impressive mountain range that rises above the communities of Montreat and Black Mountain. Officially named the Middle Mountains, locally this range is called the Seven Sisters. These seven individual “sister” peaks ascend from 3,680 feet to 5,260 feet and culminate in the area’s “father” highpoint, Graybeard Mountain.

Graybeard Mountain is often draped in clouds with just its peak exposed, giving it the look of a “gray beard” covering the mountain. Access to the Mountains-to-Sea Trail in both north and south directions is available from this overlook.

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Last updated: January 11, 2024