Four Dances Special Recreation Management Area

A woman sits on a bench overlooking bluffs and a river below
Four Dances Recreation Area

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Billings, MT

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Four Dances is designated a Special Recreation Management Area and an area of critical environmental concern. The area has native sagebrush/grassland, ponderosa pine in the rocky outcrop areas near the river cliffs, and Yellowstone River cottonwood riparian.

Four Dances was founded by cooperative efforts between landowners, the Yellowstone River Parks Association, and the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) to preserve 765 acres of undeveloped open space in Billings. The BLM’s objective for the site is to protect the open space and natural and cultural resources, while providing dispersed public recreation in Billings.
The area is situated on a plateau just east of Downtown Billings. The plateau is edged with cliffs that drop 200-500 feet to the river and the west boundary is the Yellowstone River. Visitors can take advantage of the following activities:
  • Wildlife watching
  • Hiking
  • Nature photography
  • Environmental education
If you want the best views of the Yellowstone River this is your stop!

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Last updated: May 27, 2021