Fort Malden State Historic Site

Stone building. Museum and barrack at Fort Malden
Museum and Barrack at Fort Malden

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Sits on the remains of Fort Amherstburg in Amherstburg Ontario. Over the course of its life the fort switched between the British and Americans several times. After the British squadron had been captured by the Americans, and the Americans were in control of the lake, there was no way that supplies could reach Amherstburg, the British torched the fort and naval yard, and managed to persuade their allies, the natives to move inland. By early October the Americans caught up to the British and the resulting Battle Of Thames was a victory for the US and the site where Chief Tecumseh lost his life, resulting in a fragmentation of the confederacy without its leader. The Americans occupied Amherstberg for the remainder of the war, once the war was over though in 1815, the region was restored to the British.

Last updated: March 12, 2015